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Flooding – Bundaberg, QLD & Australia

Queensland experiences river, creek and storm tide flooding as well as overland flow. These natural phenomena cannot be completely eliminated but with warning systems, careful planning and building, we can limit our losses. Here in the Bundaberg Region, the record-breaking floods of 2013 brought flood depths of over 3m in the aftermath of ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald. These once in a lifetime events have been occurring with greater frequency of late and our best chances of minimising damage lie in thorough consultation and preparation.

Who we are

The Bundaberg Flood Protection Group (BFPG) was formed in 2018 by a small number of concerned citizens who gathered to express their disapproval of the then-proposed East Levee Wall.

It appears that only a very small proportion of Bundaberg and its citizens would benefit from such an expensive structure, while the remainder of Bundaberg and mainly North Bundaberg received no protection from it whatsoever.

Hinkler Place shopping Centre is owned by QIC, a State Government-owned investment company. This caused many of our members to suspect that external preferences were behind the Levee Wall proposal’s selection as the preferred mitigation option for the city.

Further investigations also found several more businesses with strong political influence who stood to benefit from the construction of the wall.

The BFPG and all our rapidly growing base of supporters believe that there are better mitigation options within the original top four proposals, which were chosen by the CRG, GHD, and Jacobs.

Prior to the BFPG becoming vocal, very few residents of Bundaberg were even aware of the current plans. As a result of our recent petitioning, we now know that better than 80% of the many people who we have approached, do not want the wall to be built.

Some BFPG ongoing concerns with the wall are listed below:

The number of residences and businesses protected by the wall is very small and comes with a very high initial cost and a significant burden on ratepayers into the future with ongoing maintenance.

Contrary to some claims, insurance premiums will not decrease and in fact, could increase in some areas not protected by the wall
There is much indecision within reports as to how much the wall will elevate flood levels over North.
Residences and Businesses immediately on the riverside of the wall are destined for total devastation.
If the Levee Wall ever fails at the peak of a similar 2013 event then the loss of a significant number of lives and greater damage than previous events is a real possibility.
The associated eternal maintenance of the wall, pumps, flood gates, and backup power plants will be significant and will be borne by the ratepayers.
Cost to benefit ratio was obviously misquoted originally and compared with reality today this proposal no longer offers safety or value for money for the broader community.

How can we support you & you support us?

Our petition requests that:

​”The citizens of the Bundaberg region call on the Queensland State Government and the Bundaberg Regional Council to review their East Bundaberg Flood Levee proposal and implement better flood protection measures that will protect those most at risk of future flood events in the Burnett River, including the residents of North Bundaberg, Avoca and other flood risk areas.”

If you also feel concerned about the protections being offered to our most flood-vulnerable residents, properties and resources, please sign our petition and lend your support to this cause. Together we have the power to protect ourselves and each other.