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Why we exist

Rather than accept the high costs and insignificant benefits associated with the proposed Levee, our mission is to get a review of the new options that are more practical and economical.

BFPG Preferred Proposals:

North Bundaberg Evacuation Route

If flood mitigation is to happen in Bundaberg, then Bundaberg North residents’ safety should be the first consideration. In 2014 a petition organized by North residents, with more than 6,000 signatures was tabled in Parliament requesting the then Government to assist with flood mitigation for the Burnett River and the Bundaberg area.

In 2015 and as part of the then opposition’s State Governments election campaign they pledged to floodproof Bundaberg. Never could the residents of North believe that they would not be considered in the preferred mitigation option.

The BFPG is aware of the new proposed flood monitoring and warning systems, but this falls short of making residents comfortable when they are isolated and roads to essential services are cut. ​

All Bundaberg Residents, especially North, deserve to feel safe when we have significant rainfall and a much improved, elevated, all-weather evacuation route would give them some comfort.

Dredging of the River and Widening Millaquin Bend

This proposal now has enormous support and the potential to be the best value for money by far. Consulting engineers agreed in their reports that this option had significant benefits for much of Bundaberg.

The price of clean sand has escalated sharply over the past few years. If the relevant levels of Government could assist with costs to get environmental approvals and royalties reduced, then several sand mining companies would be very interested in extracting the sand for resale purposes.

Once dredged and widened at Millaquin bend, flood levels upstream would be lowered considerably, especially over South, and East where it is reported to be at least 600mm. The 2013 flood was only approximately 250 mm inside Hinkler Place, so in a similar event, no shops would be impacted. 600mm reduction would also mean a significant number of other properties would be flood-free.

Some BFPG members with first-hand local knowledge firmly believe that it could reduce flood levels upstream by as much as 1 meter.

​We believe that should this proposal proceed then the successful tender company would also be responsible for periodic dredging into the future, at no cost to ratepayers.

BFPG Recommendation

The BFPG believes that the original consultation process was minimal and flawed, possibly due to a predetermined agenda.

If surveyed, we feel strongly that over 80% of the Bundaberg Community would state their lack of support for the current Levee proposal.

Without naming names, we are aware that six of the original 10 Community Reference Committee do not support the East Levee Wall as the best and preferred proposal and are in favour of a review.

This mitigation issue is of the utmost importance to the future of Bundaberg and its residents. It needs to be progressed with the full support of the majority and not by just a powerful and influential self-interested minority.

As a result, the BFPG would now like to see all original top four proposals revisited and reviewed by an independent committee and open to public comment.​

We need to get it right.

Please make your voice heard on this issue. Sign the petition. Protect lives before properties.