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Bundaberg Flood Protection Studies

The Bundaberg Flood Protection Study commenced shortly after the 2013 floods.

The Bundaberg Flood Protection Action Plan was launched on 6 June 2017.

The findings of the Bundaberg Flood Protection Study were released on 20 December 2016.

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    The options selected for further investigation and consideration included:

    *(only recommended for further investigation if Option D does not proceed)

    Bundaberg East Flood Levee

    This option includes the construction of a levee along the south bank of the river to reduce flooding in Bundaberg East. It would require the construction of two floodgates with one large floodgate for Saltwater Creek).

    In 2016, the East Bundaberg Levee was budgeted at $47 million (with a 30% contingency) and would protect 320 properties (all in East and South Bundaberg) in a 1 in 100-year flood with an ongoing maintenance cost of $600,000 per year paid by Bundaberg ratepayers.

    Conversely, another option such as the widening of the Millaquin bend was budgeted at $62 million (with a 40% contingency and $22 million unknown costs for spoil management) but would protect 440 properties in a 1 in 100-year flood and $1.1 million in estimated ongoing maintenance costs.

    Today, the East Bundaberg Levee is budgeted at $85 million but detailed plans and actual costs still have not been provided.
    There has also been no explanation as to why the project costs have nearly doubled in the space of 5 years.

    Perhaps if the various options had been fully costed and designed when the preferred options were selected, the residents of Bundaberg might have a clearer picture of what the best options actually are.

    Meanwhile, the North Bundaberg Evacuation Route, which could prevent 5000 Bundaberg Residents from being cut off in future floods, appears to be sitting second stage behind an uncosted, unfunded and yet to be fully designed levee bank.

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    Getting Involved

    The Bundaberg Flood Protection Group was formed to ensure that flood protection measures are designed to save lives first while also protecting as many properties as possible from future flood events. We believe that flood protection should be focused on those areas most at risk.

    Our petition calls for a review of other existing flood mitigation proposals to find real solutions for our region, especially the thousands of residents who need it most. Join us.